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  • Can kids attend camp if they are a few days shy of their 5th birthday?
    Campers must be 5 before the start of their selected week of camp.
  • Will I hear anything from Camp Westside before my child's first day of camp?
    Yes! On the Thursday before camp, your family will receive the Camp Newsletter for the following week of camp. The newsletter will include information about what your child needs to bring, where to find the designated car line for drop-off/pick-up, and more!
  • Are there any allergy, vegetarian, or other preference options for lunch?
    No, campers must bring lunch and/or snacks on days they prefer something different. (See Lunch Menu.)
  • Can I prorate weeks of camp?
    We do not prorate. The week of camp must be paid in full, no exceptions.
  • How do you group campers? Are friend requests guaranteed?
    Camper groups are based on age. We do our best to accommodate friend requests, but there are some factors that may prevent us from being able to do so. These may include: age gaps, and enrollment numbers/group sizes. Please note: While campers may not be in the same individual counselor group, they may be in the same activity rotating group together.
  • Are Before Care or Extended Care available on a daily basis?
    We do not offer daily rates. These are only offered on a weekly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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